Australia’s Black Lives Matter protests could delay restrictions scale-back

The National Cabinet is reportedly considering delaying the further easing of coronavirus restrictions, following the Black Lives Matter protests over the weekend.

Thousands of people gathered in cities across Australia, in solidarity with protests in the US, while also protesting indigenous deaths in custody.

That’s despite social distancing laws prohibiting gatherings of more than 50 people in outdoor areas in most states.


Protesters are now being urged to keep a close eye on their health, with authorities concerned the large scale gatherings could lead to a second wave of coronavirus.

It comes as Australia records its first day of no new community transmission cases.

But health officials warn it could be up to two weeks before the effects of the protests are known, which may cause the National Cabinet to put a hold on any action until then.

The Australian reports that by delaying the further easing of coronavirus restrictions by at least a week could cost the national economy more than a billion dollars, and prevent tens of thousands of people getting back to work.

National Cabinet is due to meet again on Friday.

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This is disgusting, the blatant attempts at blaming Indigenous people and those supporting them in fighting for their rights are so unfounded. It is all speculation that the protests would even cause a further rise in cases of Covid-19, more so than the opening of restaurants, cafes and other social spaces. And the appeal that it will “cost our economy” is just pathetic. How about we white Australians forget about our profits and finally get behind Indigenous Australians and support them, rather than blame them and direct more hate their way when they are just asking to survive an arrest. Shameful.

Yes – well said 1 agree. ?