Australia’s Chief Medical Officer defends use of “cheap” flu vaccine

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer is defending the flu vaccine used by the Federal Government this season.

We recorded our worst flu season ever and it’s being blamed on doctors who opted for a cheap vaccine.

Figures show more than 217,000 Aussies had confirmed cases of the flu, more than double of the previous record of 100,000 set in 2015.


The Immunisation Council believes this year’s shot was not effective for elderly Australians and there are much more effective versions being used overseas.

However, Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy said the decision to use this year’s vaccine was not linked to cost and that other suggested vaccines weren’t available in Australia.

“We choose best available vaccines,” he said.

“It’s true the elderly have had a less than usual level of protection this year, we’re currently examining whether some high dose vaccines could be brought in.”