Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions at all time high

THE Climate Council is urging the Federal Government to rethink its approach to action on climate change after new data revealed Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen yet again.

The data, released on Thursday by the Environment and Energy department, shows Australia’s greenhouse gas pollution is at record high levels after rising for more than four years.

The Climate Council said the ongoing burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas are primarily to blame.


Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said Australia was in the midst of a climate emergency.

“Australia is facing a climate crisis, with worsening extreme fire and heat, and sea level rise threatening coastal property,” Ms McKenzie said.

“Without any credible climate or energy policy from the Federal Government, Australia’s pollution has been going up and up.

“Recent research showed that half a billion dollars could be wiped off the property market in a decade if the government continues to bury its head in the sand.”

A new report released by the Climate Council in May warned $571 billion could be wiped from Australia’s property market over the next 10 years due to impacts of climate change and extreme weather.

The report also found extreme weather events like heat waves and floods were affecting agriculture and food production, with the risk for Queensland double that of other states and territories.

Report author and climate risk expert Dr Karl Mallon warned billions would be lost by 2030 if greenhouse gas emissions remained high and adequate action wasn’t taken.

Dr Mallon also suggested that, on current trends, one in every 19 property owners would face the prospect of “effectively unaffordable” home insurance premiums.

The research was the largest analysis of property risk from climate change ever undertaken in Australia.

“The Prime Minister and his new cabinet have an opportunity for a fresh start. We cannot waste another three years,” Ms McKenzie said.

“Australia is the sunniest country in the world and one of the windiest.

“We have great opportunities to tackle climate change, but we need effective Federal policy.”