Australia’s most notorious terrorist reportedly killed in U.S. airstrike

THE Department of Foreign Affairs is scrambling to try and confirm reports that Australia’s most notorious terrorist has been killed in a targeted U.S. air strike while fighting for Islamic State in Syria.

According to reports, Khaled Sharrouf was killed along with his young sons Abdullah, 12, and Zarqawi, 11, when his car was bombed in a coalition air strike near the ISIS capital of Raqqa last Friday.

An article on The Australian website claims the strike, reportedly overseen by the US Joint Special Operations Command, has been confirmed by senior intelligence sources, however, DFAT is yet to confirm the reports.


Photos of Sharrouf’s corpse and the corpses of his sons were sent in a message to a group of Australian extremists, reports the ABC.

Sharrouf fled Australia with his wife and five children in late 2014 to fight for Islamic State in Syria and, in February, became the first Australian to be stripped of his citizenship under new anti-terrorism laws.

He garnered global attention shortly after when he published photos of his then 9-year-old son Abdullah holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier.

A video later surfaced showing Sharrouf teaching his youngest son how to execute Australians.