Australia’s overseas arrivals still dismal despite reaching new peak

Overseas arrivals have reached their highest level since before the pandemic, but it’s still nothing compared to last year’s activity.

New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics says that arrivals have increased by 21 percent in November.

That’s largely thanks to the cap on international arrivals being increased for multiple states, while Victoria’s been able to take on arrivals again.


29,800 people were able to come home throughout the month so far.

Director of Migration Statistics Jenny Dobak says the arrival numbers are still dismal compared to this time last year.

“We have seen increases in arrivals for October and November.

“These increases are consistent with the recent lifting of travel caps on international arrivals, as well as the opening of a one-way travel arrangement from New Zealand.

“Despite these increases to monthly arrivals, overall travel numbers still remain very low, with October and November arrivals down 99 and 98 per cent from this time last year,” Ms Dobak said.

Australian and New Zealand citizens accounted for 65 per cent of arrivals in November, similar to the proportion seen in October.

Key statistics
Of the 29,800 estimated arrival trips, 15,500 were by Australian citizens.
Arrival trips show a 20.5% increase compared to the previous month.
Of the 45,500 estimated departure trips, 11,000 were by Australian citizens.
Departure trips show a 3.2% decrease compared to the previous month.

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