Australia’s safest and most dangerous used cars revealed

Australia’s safest and most dangerous used cars have been revealed.

RACQ today released a list of vehicles offering the most protection to drivers and other road users after  examining more than 266 used cars using data from more than seven million real-world crashes across Australia and New Zealand.

The list, titled RACQ’s 2016 Buyer’s Guide to Used Car Safety Ratings, was broken up into ten different categories including – safest small cars, lights cars, medium cars, large cars, vans, utes, compact SUVs, medium SUVs, large SUVs and people movers.


RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said there was significant variation in the level of safety within each vehicle category.

“For example, a 2009 Ford Focus was given a five star safety rating, while a 2005 Nissan Pulsar was given a one star safety rating. These are both small cars with dramatically different levels of protection,” Mr Spalding said.

“Some models, including fairly new cars, had great protection for the driver, but had a high risk of injury to other road users in a crash.

“If you care about the safety of yourself and others choose one of the ‘safe pick’ models. It means they have excellent protection for not just the driver but will actually cause less injury to other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.”

Mr Spalding said new model cars generally had better safety ratings than older vehicles.

“Not surprisingly, newer cars are safer due to advances in design and technology,” he said.

“If all cars had the latest safety features – like more airbags and electronic stability control – the number of fatal and disabling crashes would significantly drop.

“Safety need not be compromised by price. A safe used vehicle can be bought for less than $10,000.”

You can view the full list of vehicles and their safety ratings here.