Austrian government makes Covid-19 vaccine MANDATORY for all adults

Austria has become the first Western democracy to make Covid vaccinations mandatory for the whole adult population.

It comes after the European country reported a record amount of Covid cases over the last 24 hour period, with infections reaching over 15,000.

It’s forced the government to call a minimum 10-day lockdown of the entire country, which will begin on Monday.


It could be extended up to 20 days if cases don’t go down.

However, the government’s also been driven to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for the entire adult population, meaning everyone who’s eligible must get vaccinated by February.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg of Austria says the country’s vaccine hesitancy now has them at risk again heading into the winter months.

“For a long time — maybe too long — I and others assumed that it must be possible to convince people in Austria to voluntarily get vaccinated.

“We therefore have reached a very difficult decision to introduce a national vaccine mandate,” Chancellor Schallenberg said.