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Not a creature was stirring

As a kid, Christmases in my house were always magical. The tree stood proudly in our lounge room, towering over everyone and everything. There were enough lollies around the house to rot the teeth of a school’s worth of kids, carols were played, and presents that Santa delivered were in abundance under the tree come […]

The Cult of Frozen

Frozen is a cult. I’m convinced it was created by a group of highly intelligent, sentient beings in a laboratory somewhere for the purpose of seeding subliminal messages that convince parents to repeatedly fork over their hard-earned dollars for over-priced “stuff”. In fact, I’m certain that “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” actually translates […]

Christo: I’m So Great…ful.

I understand that Facebook is a place that can make you feel like a rockstar. A place where you’re every move/burp/fart/meal gets acknowledged by your friends or the plump kid that used to have a crush on you at school. It’s a place to go where everybody knows your name and is quite willing to […]

Christo: The Transition

I felt like a total super-parent the other day. As I basked in my parental win, I realised I managed to achieve the near impossible. A feat many parents only dream about. One that is seemingly a myth and one that generally serves as a warning to others of what not to do. The perfect […]

Christo’s Comic-Con Roundup

San Diego’s annual geekfest Comic-Con is on again, this year offering a plethora of teasers and trailers for movie and tv shows coming over the next 12 months and beyond. Movie and television studios roll out their biggest stars, throw them in front of the frothing masses, reveal teasers and tidbits teasers and generally do […]