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Reclaim your weekend with grass carpet from Integra Direct

With Spring upon us and Summer just around the corner, there is no doubt that for most of us it means the never-ending chore of mowing the lawn almost every week under a blistering Gold Coast sun, on top of the pesky added chores of weeding, fertilizing and edging your grass. Whilst there are many among who do enjoy gardening, imagine if there was a way to have an immaculate lawn to complement your home and landscape with absolutely no maintenance whatsoever.

Fabulous floors from Integra Direct, so easy and affordable!

Integra Direct’s flooring is the easiest, fastest and most economical way to style your home, you’ll be delighted with the range and amazed at the speed of installation, and of course the best part is that Integra Direct’s hybrid and loose lay flooring is commercial grade, scratch resistant and fully waterproof, so they can really take the hard punishment without any need to sand or polish the floors to bring them back to brand new.