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Autumn Winter 17 Trends 101

It’s been a long, hot summer so it’s hard to imagine pulling out the flannelette jammies just yet but take a wander through your local shopping destination and fashion retailers’ windows are well and truly giving us the cues to start thinking about hot chocolatey beverages, ditching the razor for sin-masking opaque tights and, of course, layering up in the wardrobe department.

AN ORGANISED LIFE: That Miscellaneous Drawer, File or Pile

How many IKEA Allen keys does one need to keep? Not sure about you, but I amassed quite an impressive collection of these at one point in my life. Loyalty cards and coupons? Well that collection rivalled the Allen keys … and a solid assortment of beloved, half-burned candles too. We’ve all got them. The […]

AN ORGANISED LIFE: Secret Women’s Business – The Handbag

“I can’t find my keys!” “I know that receipt is in here somewhere.” “Aaargh! My foundation has leaked through my bag!” Sound familiar? Ask any woman what they’d never leave home without: keys, lip gloss, mobile phone, credit/ATM cards might spring to mind, though my guess is that they’d rarely leave home without all of […]

STYLE CHAMBERS: Work 2 Play – ‘Tis The Season!

‘Tis the (silly) season and it’s called the silly season for a reason! Our social diaries quickly fill with post-work social outings, Christmas parties and catch ups with friends and family that can leave you exhausted just thinking about it. As Andy William’s crooned, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” … at least […]

SPF30+ The Swimwear Purchasing Form-Guide for the 30+ Woman

It’s right up there with unclogging your shower drain of hair. Many of my 30+ female clients abhor the task of parting with a faded, rotted elastic, 4yo swimsuit and finding its replacement when spring/summer rolls around. It can be a daunting experience walking into a swimwear store. They’re often plastered with posters of tanned, […]