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Budgeting 101: Save, pay down debt and achieve your goals

Want to save money, pay down debt, achieve your financial goals faster and live well along the way? These budgeting tips for beginners will show you how to make a budget that works and reveal the secrets to keeping your budget—and financial goals—on track. The benefits of budgeting Budgeting is boring, right? True, budgeting itself […]

How to Turn Your Tax Refund Into $40K

It’s tax time and most people will be looking forward to a tax refund. What are you going to do with yours? Save it? Spend it? A bit of both? Here are six different ways to make your tax refund REALLY work for you. More than four out of five Aussie tax payers get an […]

10 Tips To Get Financially Fit

Are your finances feeling flabby? Are you ready for a financially fitter you? Let’s talk about how to lose the debt and put on some serious money-muscle. Let’s say you were trying to get fit for summer. Chances are, you’d talk to a personal trainer—an expert who could help design a customised training program and […]