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How to communicate post-separation?

Separation can be an extremely difficult time, especially when children are involved. As our emotions are likely to be heightened during this time, it is essential that we prioritise the interests of those ‘caught in the middle’ – the children. To help you during this difficult time, we have a few tips: 1. Keep all […]

New Domestic Violence Laws and Initiatives

Victims of domestic violence can soon terminate rental leases with one week’s notice, thanks to new rental laws passed in Queensland Parliament last week. Those escaping violent relationships are usually reluctant to do so due to financial hardship, among other reasons. A victim can become discouraged from leaving and the often violent cycle continues, as […]

I’m thinking of separating from my partner – what should I do first legally?

You may be surprised that when faced with the above question, I always ask my client whether they have been to relationship counselling. A relationship counsellor or psychologist is not always about reconciliation but can also assist parties in separating responsibly. This is particularly important when there are children involved. If reconciliation is not on […]