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Psychic medium Debbie Malone: “I’m the biggest skeptic!”

In her new book Always With You (Rockpool Publishing $29.99), acclaimed psychic medium Debbie Malone shares some of the readings she’s done over the years. A powerful collection of experiences with the other side, her new book offers messages of love, loss and reconnection, and provides a fascinating insight as to what lies ahead in […]

The problem with women’s sports

I have a real issue with women’s sports. I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one with this concern, either. The problem I have with women’s sports is that they are, with very few exceptions, overlooked. There are some sports where women are almost as equally represented as men, but I can count […]

The unexpected impact of Australia’s stamp price-hike

As of last Monday January 4, the price of sending a letter within Australia has jumped from 70c to $1. While I ponder what to do with the stash of 70c stamps I have tucked away in my wallet (I guess AusPost sell 30c stamps?), I’ve also been thinking about how this will affect me. Realistically, […]

The guilt and shame of New Year’s food resolutions

It’s that time of year again, when people start focusing on what foods they’re going to go without in the weeks and months ahead. Personally, I’ve never liked these kinds of resolutions. They’re restrictive and immediately have you focusing on what you’re losing, rather than what you’re gaining. Besides, I work out a few times […]