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Foodie Interview with Simon Moulden, owner of the Yard Cafe

The Yard Cafe is one of the coolest new hotspots on the Nobby’s dining scene. Owned by a genuinely friendly bloke, Simon Moulden a former executive chef and business owner who certainly knows his food and goes to great lengths to source local produce. Read on to find out about Simon’s top Gold Coast hot […]

12 organic foods you should be buying

After losing lost both my parents to lifestyle diseases such as Pancreatitis and Diabetes, I started to pay attention to the foods I was consuming. I ignorantly thought I was healthy but when I started scouring labels and ingredient lists, I slowly realised that I wasn’t following a healthy diet at all. I cut out […]

How I cut back on sugar!

So why all the fuss about sugar? Well for starters, bad bacteria in your gut feeds off sugar. Our gut contains good and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria needs sugar to survive! And too much bad bacteria can lead to health problems such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), allergies, obesity, diabetes and autoimmune issues. This festive […]

Is breakfast still the most important meal of the day?

I guess we’ve all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Some of us even believe this to be a fact or truth! Apparently, if you eat breakfast regularly, you’re meant to curb mid-morning sugar cravings, manage your weight and gain some of the vital energy and nutrients needed to […]

Six ways coconut oil has changed my life

A few years ago I started hearing about coconut oil. Naturally skeptical me thought it was just a fad and continued with my rice bran oil. My partner on the other hand was a convert and insisted that I use it for just about anything. Fast forward three years later and I have only praise […]