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5 Tips to supercharge your lunchbox salads

I used to joke that I was the girl that never ate salad. I rarely felt satisfied after eating a salad and often felt bloated. After some research, I swapped lettuce for spinach and the bloating stopped immediately. I also decided to get creative with my salads and guess what? I no longer feel peckish […]

Best organic health stores on the Gold Coast

Generally, I buy my fresh fruit and veggies at my local farmers market in Miami on Sunday mornings. My bulk products and organic supplies, I tend to grab while I’m out and about. I often get asked where I shop, so I thought I’d share my top Gold Coast organic stores which I’ve selected based […]

Review: Paddock Bakery – Miami

Finally, I managed to secure a park outside the bustling trendy Paddock Bakery in Miami. Parking is a challenge but one that comes with a very sweet reward. You’ll easily be forgiven for wanting to linger half your day away in the dreamy picturesque Queenslander setting that is Paddock Bakery. The beautifully renovated Queenslander has a […]

Why all the fuss about clean eating?

These days we’re being bombarded with so many food trends; gluten-free, dairy-free, raw, vegan, paleo and the list goes on. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are filled with beautiful accounts of trendy foodies touting organic, vegan or raw lifestyles. So is it just hype or another money making spiel? It surely seems as if healthy is […]

Four natural ways to detox

So the festive season is over and its 2016. I spent most of my holidays eating. Eating a lot actually. Some good and some not so good. Thankfully I only had two weeks holiday. I also took my son on a road trip down south. Our first ever mummy and son holiday together. I’m hoping […]