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Top Gold Coast farmer’s markets

Most weekends I can usually be found at one of the local farmers markets buying organic fruit and veggies. My favourite one is the Miami Organic Farmer’s Market as everything sold here is certified organic. Now, you may think that buying organic is a lot more expensive than normal produce but often buying direct from an organic […]

Foodie interview with Ellie Bullen of Elsa’s Wholesome Life

I’m very proud to interview one of my favourite bloggers, Ellie Bullen from Elsa’s Wholesome Life. Ellie, a trainee dietitian and photographer extraordinaire creates visually stunning vegan recipes and has over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram alone. Below, Ellie shares her top Gold Coast dining spots, favourite food stores, clean eating tips and a […]

Three more Gold Coast kid-friendly cafes for you to try

I’ve been on the hunt again and finally found a few more cool cafes with awesome play areas for your kiddies. All of the trendy cafes which I will be introducing serve fantastic coffee, quality wholesome freshly cooked meals and have a dedicated play area for your little ones. That’s three big ticks! THE YARD CAFE, NOBBY’S BEACH […]

Review of Bonita Bonita – Mermaid Beach

Last Friday I went out on a girl’s night. After weeks of scheduling and juggling babysitters, bedtime schedules and partners myself and two friends managed to get together for a meal and a dance. So where did we go? Bonita Bonita, located just off the Gold Coast Highway in Mermaid Beach. Unfortunately, this venue was quite dimly […]

Top kid-friendly cafes on the Gold Coast

With the onset of winter, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep my toddler son entertained indoors. So I’ve been searching for cafes with three specific criteria; a play area for the little man and healthy food plus good coffee for me. So after gathering mummy recommendations and a few visits ..here’s my round up of the […]