Avocado toast outrage: Woman’s deconstructed breakfast goes viral

Welcome to 2018.

A woman has been left furious after forking out $18 for an avocado and feta toast meal which she pretty much had to make herself.

Melbourne woman Jess McGuire took to social media over the weekend to post a photo of the “deconstructed” breakfast, which she says left her pretty annoyed.


“I’m not sure you guys will ever fully understand the level of annoyance I felt being handed this alleged ‘avocado toast with feta’ breakfast that cost $18 today,” she wrote alongside an image of the breakfast crime scene.

On the plate is two pieces of toast, half an avocado still in its skin, a quarter of a lime, some feta and a smither of salt.

“Pretty deconstructed, isn’t it?” I dryly remarked to the waitress, to which she smiled enthusiastically and nodded,” Jess said in the post, which has since gone viral.

“What next, being handed an avocado seed and told to farm the land and grow my own crop over several years before returning to the cafe to finally enjoy my breakfast? *breathes deeply* I’m fine I’m fine this is fine eighteen dollars what a privilege there goes the dream of a mortgage lol the boomers were right.”

The breakfast has since attracted dozens of comments online.

“Couldn’t even throw in the other half of the avocado for $18???” one person commented.

“How can they serve this and not be embarrassed,” wrote another.