How to avoid social media ruining your holidays

Why is it that these days, everyone feels the need to share every last thought, idea and bowel movement?

So many are inclined to share their every waking thought with the world – even when 99.9% of those thoughts would barely make for a good bumper sticker.

It’s becoming a problem. A big problem. One with the potential to impact almost everyone. But it’s okay – I’ve nutted out the solution. Phew!


The problem with all of this constant sharing is this: we continually invite people to have an opinion. And then, we get annoyed when their opinion hurts our feelings.

Case in point: couple Nadia and Jimmy Bartel recently went on a vacation. The pair has a reasonably high profile, thanks to his AFL career and her day-job as a fashion blogger.

Ergo, people are interested in what they do.

Ergo, some of her 400,000-odd Insta followers weren’t too happy when she and hubby showcased their kid-free holiday in the Maldives, by posting endlessly about it online.

“Wow, how do you guys do it. I could not leave my kid behind and go on holiday,” one commenter wrote.

Nadia replied, “So you would never go on a trip without your baby? I miss him like crazy but I think it’s important to have time with just us too, this is the first time we have left him in 2 years, but I don’t need to explain myself to you.”

She’s right – she doesn’t need to explain anything, to anyone.

And even though her response was a succinct shutdown, there’s every chance that when she read that stranger’s comments (in between sunning herself and sipping a cocktail in the middle of nowhere), it impacted her mood, even for just a moment.

Hashtag #bummer – why let someone in to ruin your day like that?

One of the best holidays of my life was a week spent in Fiji a few years back. The resort wanted to charge an outrageous amount for Wifi – something like $20 a day – so we opted out.

For one glorious week, my husband and I ignored digital life. We didn’t check emails. We didn’t post selfies to Facebook. We simply soaked on the glorious holiday vibes and it was, well, glorious.

You should try it sometime… even just for a weekend, or a day. Social media blackouts can help restore your mood beyond measure – though they can create fresh problems of their own!

The Betoota Advocate

Screenshot: CATCH-22: “I Quit Social Media And Now My Life Is Great But I Have No Way Of Telling Anyone” – Errol Parker at The Betoota Advocate