AWLQ Name Your Price Pet Adoptions

THE Animal Welfare League of Qld is asking ‘how much is a life worth?’ as part of this weekend’s campaign to rehome companion animals.

This weekend (12th-13th of April) will see all potential adopters paying what they feel is ‘The right price’ to save a life at AWLQ.

AWLQ’s three rehoming centres are filled to capacity with 170 animals desperately needing a home with a staggering 730 more animals behind the scenes waiting in foster homes or in AWLQ vet clinics waiting for an available kennel.


AWLQ Spokesperson Brooke Whitney says people can pay what they feel they can afford to bring an animal into their home and make room in the shelter for another deserving life.

“We realise it is a controversial campaign and the public may feel we are neglecting our duty of care by allowing people to pay what they like for an animal. In fact it is because we care for the lives of these animals that we are having this promotion, we want to save every life possible”.

“The alternative would be euthanising animals solely because we don’t have the space and that is not something we are willing to do”.

“Our target is to rehome all of the animals available for adoption so we can accommodate the cats and dogs urgently waiting to come in,” Ms Whitney says.

The AWLQ has already found homes for 1655 animals in 2014 with the summer months adding pressure due to breeding season and undesexed animals arriving with their unexpected litters.

“A lot of the animals currently in foster care are mothers with babies who have spent the past eight weeks growing and waiting to be old enough to be placed up for adoption,” Ms Whitney says.

Animals available for adoption are desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.  This weekends AWLQ’s campaign is for animals six months and older (excludes purebreds).

For more information visit the AWLQ website