Aww! Sea World announces gender of adorable new Polar Bear cub

Sea World has this morning revealed the gender of their adorable new Polar Bear cub.

In a special announcement on the Today Show, Sea World Marine Scientist Trevor Long said they were very proud to announce that the cub is in fact, a girl!

“We’re very, very pleased to announce that the little cub is a girl, and we couldn’t be more pleased with that situation,” he said.


“The cub is doing very well, she’s over 10kg now and really moving around the den.

“She’s giving mum a bit of torment actually!”

Mr Long said it’s likely we will see the cub coming out on display at Sea World in the next few weeks and invited people to help name her.

“This is the most important thing I believe today – we’ve got to find a name for this beautiful little girl,” Mr long said.

“We’ve already chosen four names… names that represent the heritage from both Russia and Canada.

“We’ve chosen Mishka (Little Bear), Nukka (Little Sister), Arina (Peace), and Katya (Pure)”.

If you would like to have your say in naming Sea World’s cute new addition, head online to to cast your vote!