Axe-wielding clown breaks into home in Ireland

An axe-wielding clown has broken into a home in Ireland, terrorising a young family.

Local media say the frightening incident occurred this week, when a man dressed in an orange jumpsuit and clown mask broke into a home in the Ireland suburb of Kildare.

Kildare Now reports the man waved around an axe before fleeing the scene.


A young family have been left traumatised as a result, with their child now too scared to go out for Halloween.

The ‘creepy clown craze’ seems to have spread globally in recent weeks, with several incidents being reported in America, Australia and the UK.

Police in Australia have issued stern warnings to those attempting to take part in the craze, reinforcing that it is criminal behaviour and that people will be arrested and charged.

“To clown is to behave in a playful or comical way. Like many people in our community we think, the current clown purge is simply not funny,” Vicotria Police said in a statement.

“We know a lot of people are involved for a bit of fun but we want to be clear – this behaviour is not amusing and in many cases, it is criminal.”