Baby boy lucky to be alive after being crushed by 50kg tent

AN eight-week-old baby is lucky to be alive after being crushed by a 50kg tent south of Sydney.

It happened as the family was packing up their campsite at Helensburgh around 4.30pm on Wednesday.

It’s understood the infant’s parents had placed a 50kg tent on top of their 4WD from where it slipped off and crashed onto the baby capsule.


Although the capsule absorbed the majority of the impact, the baby still suffered significant injuries.

Four ambulance crews were dispatched to the scene and reportedly arrived within three minutes.

NSW Ambulance spokesperson said the little boy had suffered head and chest injuries.

He was transported by ambulance to Rex Jackson Park from where a rescue he was airlifted to the Sydney’s Children’s Hospital.

He remains there this morning, recovering in a stable condition.