Baby chimpanzee dies just weeks after mother at Australian Zoo

A sick baby chimpanzee has died just weeks after his own mother, who died while giving birth.

Boon, who was adopted by a fellow expectant chimpanzee, died at Monarto Zoo south-east of Adelaide, on Sunday

“It is with sadness that we advise that Boon, one of our recently born Chimpanzee infants passed away yesterday. Despite around the clock care, initially from Zombi one of the female chimps in the troop (who was heavily pregnant at the time) and then the dedicated keeping staff, Boon passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning.”


“The exact cause of death is unknown at this time, however initial observations indicate the infant had a partially twisted bowel and was suffering from kidney complications.”

“Our thoughts go out to the keeping staff and to the broader zoo community and importantly, to the rest of the Chimpanzee troop as they mourn the loss.”

“The chimp platform will remain open and the chimps will have access to all of their dedicated areas,” Zoos SA senior veterinarian Ian Smith said.