Baby Dolphin Born At Sea World

The first male bottle-nose dolphin to be born at Sea World Gold Coast in almost a decade is already making a name for himself as being cheeky and energetic.

The calf was born earlier this month – weighing in at 15 kilograms – and is already swimming strongly and suckling milk from his mother, Jinx.

Sea World Marine Mammal Supervisor, Andy Mulville said: “Jinx is a first-time mother and she is doing a wonderful job of caring and nurturing for the young calf who is also the first male born at the park in nine years.


“He is a very energetic calf and has been starting to develop his personality as he cheekily follows mum around the lagoon.”

Sea World has a long history of working with and rescuing marine animals with the highly trained marine sciences team on call 24 hours every day, 365 days per year should a marine animal need rescuing.

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For more information about the work Sea World does for the marine environment and the not-for-profit Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation visit or call 13 33 86.