Bachelorette fans, this party pack will make your week!

Ladies gather up your girlfriends because it’s time to party your way to the final rose.

The Bachelorette Sam Frost will be choosing her suitor this week, with only two episodes left of the matchmaking reality show.

While watching Sam decide who has the key to her heart on Wednesday and Thursday, you can get in on all the love action at home with your girlfriends thanks to the Bachelorette Finale Party Pack.


The Party Pack, which you can download for free, comes with everything to make you more popular than the Bachelorette on a group date – such as Bachelorette bunting, cupcake toppers and rose straws!

Plus you will also get to enjoy Pocket Sam, her three bachelors Sasha, Richie and Michael and even a pocket Osher! Too cute!

To get your own Bachelorette Party Pack click here  and catch The Bachelorette Finale on Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on TEN.