Back flips and back downs after pensioner backlash

AFTER an unfortunate prank in front of an ATM I learnt the hard way it is not clever or funny to sneak up on an old person.

I don’t think I need to go into details.

So I hope Premier Campbell Newman and his LNP Government felt it was worth it to yell ‘BOO’ at pensioners then leave them hanging for two days while they played their mean little post-budget games.


Newman yesterday backed down on his government’s plans to cut a range of concessions to pensioners.

They included discounts on electricity, gas, water and transport and would have hit hard those already struggling.

The Government blamed the federal government’s cruel budget, as we alI do, claiming it just could not absorb the cuts from the feds.

Newman went on stage, I mean into Parliament, proclaiming: “My heart goes out to them and my dismay and disappointment at the federal coalition for inflicting this will be made very clear.”

Then he promptly launched a $5 million advertising campaign to convince Queenslanders they should let the LNP sell public assets.

It followed the $6 million advertising campaign which asked for Queenslanders to have a say, which they promptly ignored.

Let’s just call it an early $11 million taxpayer-funded election ad blitz and move on.

And then suddenly on Thursday, the government discovered that it could indeed do something to help the most vulnerable in our community.

The Gods smiled, the media applauded, there was even an elderly lady on hand to give Treasurer Tim Nicholls a kiss of gratitude.

I think I vomited a little in my mouth.

Did I mention the announcement was made just before the Opposition delivered its Budget reply speech and just after the Premier announced the July 19 Stafford by-election?

This was no backflip or back down.

It was a trick to convince voters that while the LNP had to make hard decisions, they really were big softies at heart – and also divert attention from the other stuff.

But, as one man pointed out in a TV news story, his wife spent the past two nights sleepless and worrying about how they were going to make ends meet.

He was angry and he will be voting come the state election.

Like I said, you shouldn’t go around scaring people who carry walking sticks.
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