“BACK OFF” Top doctors defend Qld’s Chief Health Officer

The Queensland Australian Medical Association has come out in support of the state’s Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young.

It comes as Dr Young continues to face scathing criticism over her controversial calls on borders and funerals, including her decision to not allow a young woman from Canberra to attend her father’s funeral with her family last week.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Australian Medical Association Queensland president Chris Perry said critics of Dr Young need to “back off”.


“We’re an evidence-based organisation and we follow what the Chief Health Officer says,” he said.

“We believe Queensland should follow the advice of the Chief Health Officer, and if she says the borders should stay closed, we think they should stay closed.

“All we can say is back off, we think this Chief Health Officer is doing a great job… Leave her alone.”

Dr Perry said of all the Chief Health Officers in Australia, Dr Young is “highly qualified” and “probably the one they look up to the most”.

“We would prefer to have fewer funerals than to have more people at those funerals,” he said.

“I know she is under stress… There are a lot of people asking for exemptions from quarantine, or a different way of doing quarantine, and she has been very fair with that.

“It hasn’t just been footballers and wealthy people, she has been listening to people all the way through and giving exemptions when she can, when it is safe for the rest of the state to have those exemptions carried through”.

The AMA President said Dr Young has been copping a fair bit of criticism from online trolls and once again defended her decisions.

“We’re doing a very, very good job in this state. Probably because Queensland politicians are listening very carefully to a very well qualified physician,” Dr Perry said.

It comes after Queensland recorded no new coronavirus cases on Sunday.

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