Back to the Future II predictions that are true today

AUSSIE film buffs are among the first in the world to celebrate “Back to the Future II” Day!

In the 1989 classic film, teen Marty McFly and nutty scientist Dr Emmett Brown travel to the future – and the date they travel forward to is October 21, 2015.

The movie made many predictions about life in the year 2015.


Here are a few that have come true:

Big-screen televisions: Yes
There are a number of scenes in the movie with characters watching screens very much like the oversize ones we have today.

Video calls: Yes
In the movie, the future Marty McFly has a video conversation with his bosses using his TV. With FaceTime, Skype, Snapchat and more available to us now, this one has definitely come true.

Hands-free video games: Yes
Two kids are shocked that Marty McFly had to use his hands to play a video game in Cafe 80’s. Today, hands-free video games are possible thanks to products like Xbox Kinect

Video glasses: Yes
Remember the high-tech goggles Marty McFly’s kids wear to the dinner table? They are surprisingly similar to Google Glass don’t you think?

Hoverboard: Not quite
There was that Lexus ad that showed a hoverboard in action at a skatepark – but really it just isn’t ready for commercial use yet.