Bad Outfits, Back Boobs and a Mass Exodus: The Bachelorette Episode 7 recap

Ok so it’s Episode 7 and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the Georgia and Courtney show.

Courtney gets a single date with Georgia..(again) and what better place to take a big kid then.. the zoo! Courtney squeals with excitement and for some reason Bachie-ette is totes smitten kitten with this dork. They finally smack lips at dinner and she gives him a rose which means he gets to live another day.


Next… it’s what we’ve all been waiting for….. 2 blokes, 1 girl.

No it’s not a Georgia sandwich – it’s the date of the season.
Rhys and Sam go head-to-head in a 2 on 1 date with Bachie-ette who’s clad in a leather skirt and sky-high stiletto’s – a ludicrous outfit for a day at Luna Park.

Rhys is still sporting his sympathy sling and Sam has clearly been swapping hair-styling tips with Osher. But it’s the outcome of the date that has everyone cheering…

Georgia finally boots Rhys and Sam – the two biggest tossers of the season – after Rhys admits he’s not really ready to meet “the one” (umm hello knob-jockey, you’re on a dating show), and Sam confesses that he wouldn’t be broken-hearted if he left the show without Georgia.

WOW. Just WOW.

Bachie-ette dusts off her boots after kicking the boys to the kerb and returns to the mansion for a Masquerade Party.

The producers duck out to grab a 10 pack of masks from BIG W for the lads and the beginning of a very uneventful night officially begins.

Matty plays a game of ‘Get to Know Matty’ with Georgia – and her back-boobs jiggle every time she laughs due to a very tight dress.

It’s time for The Rose Ceremony and I’m still on a high after Rhys and Sam’s departure, as Episode 7 turns into a mass exodus when we discover 2 MORE lads will be leaving the show.

From 10 to 6 men in one night – the man-meat tally is dwindling fast.

Georgia hands out the final rose of the night to resident hottie Lee, which means Matt and intruder Todd can pack their bags.

Matt’s cheeks flare red for the final time and we say goodbye to Todd’s giant lower lip.