Bad timing and long memories

SOME people just don’t have very good timing.

You know the type, the ones who invest in umbrellas just before a drought … or back the wrong leadership candidate.

Local federal MP Steve Ciobo is probably hoping his notoriously bad timing is about to change.


He is positioning himself for a promotion due to a scandal which has seen the assistant treasurer to the treasurer forced to temporarily stand down.

No, Ciobo isn’t already assistant treasurer; he is a parliamentary secretary to the treasurer.

Which I think means he mostly just makes coffee.

Still, you would think Ciobo would be the natural successor.

But there is a problem.

The person who will decide is the Prime Minister and Ciobo blotted his copy book with Tony Abbott years ago.

Then, in a spectacular display of bad timing, he supported Malcolm Turnbull instead of Abbott in the opposition leadership challenge.

Abbott dumped Ciobo from the shadow ministry and only reinstated him to a junior role after taking government.

Ciobo has since aligned himself with Treasurer Joe Hockey and is part of the cutely named Hockey Club.

So the other guy in the mix -you didn’t think it would be a woman did you – is Josh Frydenberg.

And he is, well, the PM’s own parliamentary secretary.

Uh oh.

It’s been a bit of a mixed year for Ciobo.

Just months after getting back into government and enjoying the power that comes with it, yet another federal government office in his electorate was closed down.

This was particularly humiliating as he had furiously bagged the previous Labor government for closing down the Australian Federal Police bureau in Robina and the Department of Immigration in Southport.

So when the closure of the Australian Taxation Office in Southport was first touted, he puffed his chest out and declared he would be talking to key government figures about it.

It would happen, he said, ‘over my dead body’.

His vow to have the AFP office reopened has also not happened.

You would think someone in the government had it in for him.

By the way, Ciobo has consistently blamed the previous Labor government for the closure of the AFP bureau and the Department of Immigration.

But the closure of the ATO is all the fault of the, well, ATO.



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