Balcony-hopping Schoolie evicted from Gold Coast apartment

A young Schoolie captured on video balcony-hopping in Surfers Paradise has been evicted from her Gold Coast apartment.

The 18-year-old from Sydney has been charged with high-risk activity and fined more than $240.

Queensland Police Chief Superintendent Terry Borland said the prank could have been fatal.


“If you’re going to hop from balcony to balcony and you slip, you may not be hopping ever again,” he said.

“We’re just hoping people make smart decisions and they get through, enjoy the week, and leave here on a high.”

Senior Operations Officer with the Queensland Ambulance Service Justin Payne, said last night was relatively peaceful.

“That said, we did attend to just over 100 patients in the event precinct; only two of those required transport to medical facilities.”

Some Schoolies were treated for soft tissue injuries such as rolled ankles and glass cuts to bare feet from broken bottles.

Paramedics did not treat any Schoolies affected by drugs.

“There were still patients who admitted to taking illicit substances, but that wasn’t the reason we were treating them.

“We didn’t have anything related to assaults either.

“The paramedics are being well received in the precinct and everyone seems to just be having a good time, but everyone seems to be a bit more tired than they were a couple of nights ago.”

Mr Payne said the kids are listening to the warnings they’ve been given, and are doing a good job looking after each other, and themselves.

“I definitely think the education messages that are being put out through the Department of Communities and the Red Frog volunteers and other organisations, are … certainly helping the ambulance response to this event.”