Bali’s Mount Agung volcano has finally started erupting

Australians in Bali are being urged to monitor media and follow the instructions of local authorities after the Mt Agung volcano finally started erupting.

Australia’s smarttraveller twitter account advised Aussie tourists of the eruption on Wednesday.

“Mount Agung in began a small-scale eruption on 21/11,” the tweet read.


“Local authorities have advised people to stay 7.5 km outside the area. Monitor media & follow the instructions of local authorities.”

It’s understood the volcano’s initial eruption sent a 700m plume of thick grey ash and smoke into the sky just after 5.00pm local time.

It’s believed to have been caused by magma heating water.

At the moment, the alert level remains unchanged and authorities are urging people to remain calm.

Bali’s international airport is also still operating as normal.