Ballina woman loses twin baby after being denied entry to Queensland

A Ballina woman is now mourning the loss of one of her twins, after she was denied entry to Queensland for emergency care.

Doctors in northern New South Wales were hoping to send Kimberley to hospital in Brisbane, with her early twin pregnancy requiring urgent care.

She then waited 16 hours to fly to a Sydney hospital, after being told she wouldn’t be able to get into Queensland.


Sadly, it’s just been revealed that one of her twins has passed away at just 24 weeks.

Kim’s father Alan has told 4BC radio this morning that the family is devastated.

“Her sisters and brothers are in Queensland, and she’s in Sydney.

“They’re very, very, very upset, especially the ones in Queensland because they can’t come and see her.

“They’re very close,” Alan said.

The Queensland Premier was questioned over this specific border rejection last week, where she said she wasn’t aware of all the details.

“People living in NSW they have NSW hospitals. In Queensland we have Queensland hospitals for our people,” the Premier had said.