Ballina woman loses twin baby after being denied entry to Queensland

A Ballina woman is now mourning the loss of one of her twins, after she was denied entry to Queensland for emergency care.

Doctors in northern New South Wales were hoping to send Kimberley to hospital in Brisbane, with her early twin pregnancy requiring urgent care.

She then waited 16 hours to fly to a Sydney hospital, after being told she wouldn’t be able to get into Queensland.


Sadly, it’s just been revealed that one of her twins has passed away at just 24 weeks.

Kim’s father Alan has told 4BC radio this morning that the family is devastated.

“Her sisters and brothers are in Queensland, and she’s in Sydney.

“They’re very, very, very upset, especially the ones in Queensland because they can’t come and see her.

“They’re very close,” Alan said.

The Queensland Premier was questioned over this specific border rejection last week, where she said she wasn’t aware of all the details.

“People living in NSW they have NSW hospitals. In Queensland we have Queensland hospitals for our people,” the Premier had said.

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That poor family x. A tragedy that could have been prevented. Absolutely shame on our government. I’m sure if it was Annastacia palaszczuk daughter carrying the twins that things would have been very different.

A terrible tragedy. Jeanette Young (Qld CHA) said that no emergency treatment would ever be turned away from whichever state the patient came from. She was very angry. We need more info, but it seems it was a terrible bureaucratic bungle. Before political point scoring begins, we need to find out exactly what happened to stop any recurrence.

Shame on our government? Whats wrong with emergency services in NSW. Why could she not get emergency transport to a Sydney hospital.

Let’s get the full story before making judgement. News reports are that no request was made for this lady to cross the border.

I agree , let’s get the full story . I have worked in QH and they have retrieval teams that go to Lismore to bring difficult pregnancies and sick newborns to our hospitals. The doctors liaise with the hospital to expedite these transfers. I’m sure , had we been asked , our staff would have gone down there

I disagree i think our government has done an amazing job and has saved many lives of Queenslanders by keeping that border sealed.

This is sad but i think it was justified – the women may have had Covid-19 and imagine if she had spread it in one of our Queensland hospitals – would have been a disaster.

This is hard to hear but Queensland must remain covid free to protect all of us Queenslanders

Here I thought Queenslanders couldn’t get more snobbish.

Definitely agree with you.

Patmysak’s border closure claims the life of a baby… at least QLD’ers are safe tho, that’s all that matters, not the lives of babies from NSW apparently 🙁

Using this tragedy to point score. Filthy politics.

(Dr?) Richard, how do you know that the border closure claims the life of a baby??????????????????
Who knows what the baby’s medical issues were? I don’t think that we are being made aware of all the details here.

and how many more lives have been saved from the hard border closure?

We are COVID free for a reason Richard and avoided the thousands of deaths that may have occurred

We have very few cases and avoid a 2nd wave and we now have a recovered and booming economy

Are nsw hospitals closed,? she should of gone to the closest hospital

Look not hard to understand she needed specialist services at the Qld Hosp was hours and hours closer
I’d guess you would want to get to a specific care hospital as quickly as you needed of it had been your baby right??? After all we are all Australians right

No Robyn – Queenslander Hospitals are for Queensland citizens.

NSW needs to build better hospitals

What a stinking attitude you have,

As a Queenslander, that’s a terrible response. God forbid you ever need emergency treatment in NSW as my friends did after a horrendous car accident.

That’s like saying that nsw roads are for nsw people. How f***ing ignorant are these people.

Lisa what a disgusting comment. We are all Australians and a baby is dead. People like you make me sick.


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She lived 8 hrs from a NSW hospital that could help her with her babies and 2.5 hrs from Brisbane. She went to her closet NSW hospital and they don’t have the facilities to care for her

Her closest hospital is brisvegas. She would have been there within 30 min if qld premier b**** had let the woman in. Sydney is 2hrs flying or 8 hrs driving. Hospitals are for everyine in need not just for those from that state. Would u tell someone from the nsw side of tweed to go to sydney for emergency treatment?

Last edited 7 months ago by CordyQ

so why did she have to wait 16 hours for a 2 hour flight to sydney. the fault here is with the NSW emergency services not getting her where she needed to be in a timely fashion.

If she had applied to come in she would have been in, end of story

I agree , with the current situation , interstate should never have been considered.

This pandemic is sure highlighting peoples true colours. DISGUSTING comment.

Needed specialist treatment only available at major hospitals located in capital cities, closest being Brisbane(less than 2 hours drive), but had to fly to Sydney(16 hours).

The nearest hospital with neonatal care for her 24 week old premature baby would have been Gold Coast University Hospital, even closer to her than the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

And still they wouldn’t have let her cross the border.

The maternal foetal medical unit at the Mater are world leaders in twin to twin transfusion problems. Specialist care and not just any care Richard. The witch has politicalised her Chief Health Officer role just too many times seriously harming people. Time for the politicians to lift their game.

It doesn’t take 16 hours to fly to Sydney. It might take that to drive….but to fly to Sydney only takes 2 hours

It was the waiting time that took the toll, 16 hours to get a flight that should have taken 2 hours.
Shameful,people from northern NSW have always been sent to either Southport Robina or Brisbane for specialist care they could not receive there.
I personally know of 2 people who have been given access to the Southport hospital since then, which only makes this more shameful and disgusting.
I never believed before that Queenslander were so selfish but have to rethink my opinion on that now.
And before everyone gets up in arms, I don’t think everyone is like that, just a small shameful group! Disgraceful!

If she needed to get to a hospital that urgently she would have been medivaced to the nearest hospital. This whole story is a beat up.

The baby DIED!! So yes, it would be reasonably urgent. What kind of inhumane person are you….

Liz the hospital got to book for a flight and get everything right for the transport of a patient that is going to fly in a plane. They got to make shore the patients are able to fly cause this lady is a high risk pregnancy at the moment.

Yes, you are correct, flight time is 2 hours, but flight availability is more than likely the delay here. There are not many planes flying these days, then the plane needs to suitable for emergency medical transport. Sounds like a job for royal flying doctor service, but they must have also unavailable.

She was taken to Sydney by the RFDS. SpecialIst care was required whilst in the air.

OK, seems there was a 10 hour delay for QLD to deny the life of the youngster, so the delay was not on the RFDS.

Clearly they had to wait for a plane, there is no magic carpet that just appears when you need to fly. Also, it took 10 + hours for the QLD Government to refuse entry.

This is absolutely disgusting and the QLD Government needs to get their heads out of their ass.

Only if this was their kids, i bet there would be a chartered helicopter direct to the helipad of the hospital.

That poor family. Palasczuk is disgusting. Well if she wants to think that about the hospitals th e n the rules should be the same with queenslanders coming into NSW for shopping too

I agree with Palasczuk – while this is sad – we need to keep our borders closed for the good of our people (Queenslanders).

Our hospitals are for us though – your NSW heath care system is for your state – our tax payer funds support our QLD hospitals – so why should we support you?

So, you’re suggesting that, had she been in QLD already, say, having been staying with NSW BEFORE
the COVID outbreak, your taxpayers’ should not be used to fund NWS patients, and that she should have been transferred to NSW, because that’s where she pays her taxes?!? What a humanitarian you are!!! So, if it were, say, Nicole Kidman or Danii Minogue, would your opinion be differe?!?

Whether there was a breakdown in communication or not, *a pregnant woman is a potential life threatening emergency.* She was NOT going to Queenland because she wanted to vacation on the Gold Coast. How disgusting can you, as a Queenslander, be to deny medical treatment, emergency or not, to a pregnant woman? But hey, I guess that treating ANY pregnant woman (as it should be) as a life threatening emergency, irrespective of whether some border crossing person, or even the PREMIER, uses their high end medical training to abitrarily decide whether a nasty dirty NSW baby should die, is okay with you. BALLINA is not a COVID hot spot. This was a MEDICAL decision, that should NOT be left to anyone without a MEDICAL degree.

Per the ABC,

“Changes to Queensland’s quarantine rules for cross-border medical appointments have created confusion and stress for patients, including a New South Wales woman awaiting urgent cancer treatment.”

You’re cool with this?

Pandemic showing peoples true colours now and many aren’t great.

Federal taxes paid by all Australians fund QLD hospitals – not just QLD state taxes and QLD hospitals should be open to all Australians.

Oh. thats why every state manages their own hospitals and health departments. lol

Sorry about your dead newborn, but “LOL”?!?

Shouldn’t it be for the good of ALL Australians?

Ordinarilly that would be the case. But why the NSW government isnt being held responsible for getting this lady the emergency transportation to a suitable NSW hospital is beyond me.

The Qld premier is cruel.All Queenslanders should hang our heads in shame.

We are not cruel – we are just protecting the health of our people.

If we had let her in – she may have had covid-19 and could have spread it to other Queenslanders.

What kind of inhumane monster are you? The baby DIED! A family is devastated … One can only hope that Covid wipes out all the small minded, selfish Queenslanders… necessary population control.

That’s a big if. There were no covid cases in Ballina and besides they could have been admitted to hospital with staff taking all necessary precautions until the family’s covid test came back negative. All the hysteria and fear mongering about QLDers catching covid from people from NSW resulted in the death of a baby.

And WHY – this is about saving life’s and we have done a great job in our great state protecting Queenslanders Heath and our economy

100 billion in debt, and rising. We have such a great economy (sic) Alsothe majority of hospital funding is from the federal government. This whole issue makes ashamed to be Queenslander.

I’ve been hanging my head with shame since March when they denied me the chance to go see my nan one last time before she passed and then had to attend the funeral via Facebook

Yea but we have critical care teams on the Gold Coast and Brisbane that people of northern nsw need to rely on because OTHERWISE THEY HAVE LONG WAITING TIMES TO GET TO SYDNEY AND HELP

She’s ruining way to many families sorry

That is so sad.
That is a disgusting comment by Ms Palaszczuk, especially considering my partner’s granddaughter was safely born in Tweed Heads hospital two weeks ago and her parents live in Queensland.

Queensland Hospitals are for Queensland people!

We are Australian you small minded idiot.

What a sad thought

God bless this little baby. My. heart goes out to the family stay strong thinking of you.

Why didn’t Gladys allow tweed to become temporary qld? Why didn’t they plan ahead? So many questions.

Rest In Peace little one, devastating for the family.

If she presented at the Emergency Department at Tweed Heads Hospital she wouldn’t have needed a border pass. The Emergency staff there would have assessed the extent of the emergency and perhaps arranged for a Careflight/Air Ambulance transfer to Brisbane or Sydney if required??? Apologies if I am way off the mark with this assumption.

No you are not off the mark with your assumption, it would be true, she needed to come to Tweed and from there she would have been assessed. Blaming other for your decision is not fair and if the Virus was running wild like it has in Victoria, then it would be devastating.

“People living in NSW they have NSW hospitals. In Queensland we have Queensland hospitals for our people,” the Premier had said.”

This totalitarian Premier needs to go. What a heartless thing to say. What happened to Australia being united?

Speak for yourself – she has done amazing job and I think you will find most Queenslanders Agree with the hard border.

This is a tragedy but I’m sorry Queenslanders come first – we have to look after our own backyard first

Australia is our backyard when it comes to a defenceless baby fighting for life! How sad and ignorant of you Queenslanders

I agree – this is sad but im sorry the heath of Queenslanders must come first.

This is really about savings lives – if Covid spreads we are talking about thousands and thousands of deaths in Queensland.

That border does need to remain shut – Queenslander comes first i agree

Is it about Australian states or all Australians! I think the latter is fair, we are all Australians and should be cared for as Australians not singled out! What a terrible tragedy for the family as an Australian family that couldn’t depend on their fellow Australians to save their baby’s life! Shame on you qld, shame on you

This woman needs to sue Annastacia Palaszczuk (not the ‘qld government’ )for PERSONAL liability for the loss of her child. Let’s stop ****ing around with these criminals, how much more blood and destruction do we need before people wake up?

Sorry to say, the women needed to go to Tweed and then she should have been assessed, not waited for a plane to Sydney….she was responsible for her own decision.

I agree Linda – why are we blaming Queenslanders for this women’s poor decision.

The border is shut for a reason and that is to protect our health!!!!

She was at her closest hospital, Ballina District Hospital where it was assessed that the baby needed neonatal care at a major hospital, closest being in QLD.
How would going to Tweed Hospital change anything? Tweed also did not have the required facilities. She would have still required an exemption to cross the border, which would have been denied as she was from outside the border zone bubble.
She was under the direction of doctors at Ballina hospital and unfortunately at the mercy of the incompetent and in-compassionate QLD Health department, there is no blame on the mother, but there is blood on the hands of QLD health.

Its not about whether she is from NSW or QLD. She is Aistralian. This behaviour by the QLD gov is deplorable.
They’ll probably add the death to the Covid Stats just to scaremonger people more.
So very angry right now.
Condolences to the family.
So sorry and so ashamed to be Australian right now.

Queenslander come first and I’m glad the border is still shut

How dare you!

I sadly have to agree – this is a pandemic and while this news saddens me.

It was too much of a risk letting her in – she may have been a positive case.

We have to look after our own first – as our premier said our hospitals are for Queenslanders

Oops, typo.

This is Australia we are all in this together except QLD WHAT A b**** SHE NEEDS TO LIGHTEN UP. Not eveyone is spreading this overrated flu
Medical emergencies should be a priority. She is killing sick people babies kids that need medical care not everything is about this bloody virus
Im so furious at hearing this story

Queenslanders do come first Wendy – i do not want my grandmum to get sick and die of Covid.

The border is closed to stop the spread – what if the women had covid and spread it to your family??

What if Covid spread and killed a Queensland newborn – this is harsh but justified.

This about saving lives and no
It’s not just the flu – do you want all of QLD dead ???!!

We need to keep that border sealed to protect all Queenslanders

How many people have died to this virus compared to how many have actually got it? If anyone really cared about saving lives we would have done what New Zealand done at the start, why are you people even replying and trying to justify this? A woman’s child has died like just back off you don’t need to get defensive and justify this s***. I’m with Wendy

Terrible but we make no apology for Putting the health and safety of Queenslanders first.

We have to look after our own backyard first before letting others in.

What if the mother was a positive case and the virus spread across Queensland!!!!!

One person who is going to a hospital to help her child isn’t going to infect all 5 million or so people in Queensland, like come on grow up and think about it, pretty sure a god dam hospital has the potential to contain any possible out break or am I just expecting to much?

this poor woman has lost her infant child and you’re all here trying justifying a stupid decision and putting blame on her for not going to a NSW hospital. Sure if the roles were reversed and your baby had died cause you couldn’t get where you needed you would be up in arms. Could have helped her child and then made them quarantine for 2 weeks if you’d are that defensive about all this.

I agree. Could you imagine if a NSW hospital denied acces to a QLDr? I feel deep sorrow for this poor family. The QLD government need to stop playing to an election and be reasonable. At the moment more cases in SE Qld than in Northern NSW, but Gladys hasn’t closed the border to us. We haven’t even tested enough people to know the true numbers. When you look at testing per 100k nationally. QLD is on the bottom of the table. Maybe QLDrs should look at those numbers. SA and Tas are even testing more than us.

What happened is not right! A woman in real need is denied access to medical assistence and yet northern nsw until recently has been inendated with queenslanders coming and going not all for work either. Then we have the current affairs show which suggested whole families can break the rules and leave Victoria where the border is supposedly closed and enter Queensland.

We are Australian….earlier this year when the bushfires were raging, we were uniting across borders. Sending emergency services to communities in need. Corona Virus is making people lose sight of community. Medicare is Federal. We are Australian citizens which means no matter where we are we have access to public services across Australia. I feel deep sorrow for this poor mother and her loss. Sometimes common sense must prevail. At the moment Brisbane and Gold Coast have cases and Northern NSW does not, in reality she was more at risk. Not Qldrs. #commonsense #haveaheart

When it comes to foot ball. Boxing. and sports to generate money with a s*”‘$ tly smile of red lipstick on. We were ready for the virus before it hit our Australian shores Wearhouse??? Always trying to blame any case to Victoria. Your right she hasn’t done enough testing like my Isa. Or Townsville 16000 at a boxing match. Yet a pregnant AUSTRALIAN mother can not receive medical emergency help. You think DR young would understand pregnancy as a women let alone a dr… Don’t have a car crash people’s up north I’m sure legal protocall is crash victims get taken to the nearest hospital that can deal with the medical emergency. Well what happen to the constitution. On medical life of human medical life. Hang on!!! She must be in Clive palmers corner. Only if you have economic benifits can you be let in. Look at the foot ball clubs how they broke the rules yet they don’t get declined and kicked out but a mother can. There must be something in the air in Qld. Stupid.

And as a mother of twins. And expecting another lot. And myself been stuff around by state hospitals. My heart felt sorrow for your loss. No words will ever be comfort for what I belive could off been avoided. Many comment could be made. Yet the truth is. They didn’t give a flying f*”‘&K to busy sniffing there own b***s. Not all Qld are like this for plenty will be angry and feel for this family. It wasn’t the people who stopped common sense it was polical. That Qld premiere everyday is getting egg on her face and soon she will not be able to hid behind the CMO. Yes we must protect the transmission of the virus. But at the cost of a women pregnant with twins already under intense medical observation for a high risk pregnancy. Why didn’t the dr young ring her treating dr in this high risk case. What sitting there reading a form that dosent give you enough space to explain your self and then not be believed. Ring CMO the mo. In charge in theses cases before you X the line of reduction that should of never been. Your right if Scott Morrison’s daughter was pregnant bin a car crash up north of NSw ( pray that dosent happen as example) I bet the royal Australian army would be there in two seconds flat and Qld would be the hospital she went too. Emergency should not be stopped. Yet you did stop a emergency dr and premier. To make it life threatening. And death. Women hay I guess your not really compassionate with the sister hood. But put a footballer in front of the Qld premiere. Oh legs wide open.v

When our bub was born in Lismore hosp. 2017 we had complications, closest neonatal was QLD but got rejected and had to wait about 10 hours to get down to Sydney.
Lismore hospital were crap did the whole delivery with a dolphin torch (theatre lights broken), didn’t know how to work oxygen bottle and scrambled badly in emergency. DO NOT have your baby there.

The other thing. The millionaire boat Foxy; family. The Qld premiere said I’m disgusted!! Now there going to be a criminal investigation. Yep and what will that investigation out come do. Hold her government responsible. Of favouritism. Maybe a back door payment deal?? With such harsh boarder closers that only close to people who are vanuable. And are dying. She never stands up to Clive Palmer when it comes to wa stance. The very stance she protrays And let’s the surpreme Qld court go hell for leather on Clive stupidity that is unaustralian his worth billions it’s not like he cant loss a 1$ he just brought prime real estate in Qld where the C virus has reduced the prices. where plenty of other australian are… And they can’t afford too loss the dollar Let alone there life’s. Or lifehoods. It’s been fun you know all pick on dan Andrews all pick on Victoria. If I remember Scott was happy nsw and Vic didn’t shut baorders on each other.back in the first wave. Dan had to learn the hard way. And his learning alright. Political leaders are also learning. No body doing anything haven’t done so in 30 years passing the buck and Australia through death is learning. Who really is accountable and responsible and who dose what. ECT this virus isn’t the enemy such as. It’s showing up the evil of society. The incompetent. The lazyness. The selfishness the divides when the sh*” TT hits the roof. On all levels. To us as the people and those who say there leaders. And anyone in-between. We as humans don’t like change that makes us see what we all have in a way contributed too. Maybe if our hygiene was better last year and the year before infection control in age care was done to the policy that nursing home have. We wouldn’t have had so many common flu deaths and trust me there are more that get taken out with the common flu then recorded of yesterday. The C virus dosent let you hid or cover up. Think people’s the pale horse if revelations. Think people’s of all the horses. The Bible dosent have them in order of today. How you control urselfs is how you control the virus. And Victoria is showing that it’s going to be around. At least for two years. The meek weak shall rise. And show us the ways.. they already have in death. Thing is our governments all around the word are ready to fight a east west middle east war. Even setting up baits for it. Yet they can’t control a virus and the people. How can they go to war on a global scale and stand there and save us from a nuclear one. That will be worse then this virus. There won’t be boarders to shut down. It’s funny how language has changed blame blame blame. Oh hang on the virus can attack anyone any state any country at any time. In any space. I know. Sometimes people. A person had to take evil a evil of selection and show the world a evil of equal. That no one person is above another. For in death we are all the same. Thing is we do not value life like we should. Like a Qld premiere unless it suits her. Like so many people around the world. Economics we all ways hear and yes that is true. We always spend in the good times. But what happens in the bad times. Is a mink coat worth more then a loaf of bread????? Freedoms. Are only there is we respect them on a whole for the lot off us…. And not selected a few. Think people’s think off the wars that gave us freedoms. Think how many had the ultimate sacrifice of freedoms taken off them in death for the freedoms we abuse to day. You all know zombie’s movies funny hay. Till the virus isn’t in the movies anymore.

This is disgusting. All those who feel the QLD Premier was acting in the best interest of Qldrs are sadly deluded and mistaken. This is abt politics and nothing more.
As if this woman would have been putting her babies at risk to begin with – do you really believe she would have been out there mingling with crowds and not taking extreme precautions to protect her babies??
Some posters appear to believe that this woman could potentially have spread Covid to all of Qld – really?? Take a step back people, step out of your bubble and get back to reality.
As another poster said – we are all Australian but seem to have forgotten we are here for each other. Where is our common sense and compassion?? As a nurse I have no doubt there would have been staff in Brisbane willing to take the risk of caring for this poor woman and her unborn children – all whilst wearing appropriate PPE. But they were never given the opportunity. I’m all for keeping us safe, but each and every case needs to be assessed on an individual basis – and urgent cases like this should be assessed within a one hour time frame – not ten hours!! Given the large number of NSW residents who are likely to require urgent medical assistance in QLD surely it would be prudent to have a quorum of people specifically employed to assess these cases?
My condolences to this family, my heart breaks for you. 😢💕

What happened to ‘’ We are one, but we are many
And from all the lands on earth we come
We’ll share a dream and sing with one voice
“I am, you are, we are Australian”

All these people claiming Queenslanders come first and “she *might have* had covid need to take a reality check. Had the woman & unborn baby been given a chance they could’ve gone straight from Ballina (where there are no covid cases) to a QLD hospital where staff could’ve taken precautions wearing PPE until the family’s covid tests came back negative.

Yes afp and all who want to test me. Another media outlet for me. The glitter mile?? Lol…. The east includes the ACT…… Better start testing boys and girls…. What politician are immune. Aids are immune office staff are not immune. Afo are not immune Surry Hills NSW. The out back not immune. Were did I catch the virus guys??? Mt Isa. Feb 2020. Yes I know I the only one with the formula. Or the overide b***on. But look all these research scientist are now putting money to good use by understanding the body again. Look at all the other waves of discovery they are finding out by finding out how to combat the virus. Well you how Scott said all Australians have the right to medical health. Why do not I?? And plenty of others you know people’s that most gp. Do not bulk bill who can afford to keep there health up to date when people don’t have the 70 to 180$$ to see a doctor. Shouldn’t the government step in at this present time and make it compulsory to bulk bill????? Also today I went to the dr one off the biggest medical centres where I am. Dose aboriginal health too. I was told and mind you there is nothing on there web page to say so…. There not taking new clients. I have to travell 40 minutes away to see other doctors who don’t bulk bill in that town too. And not are taking new clients. I’ve rung them. So everyone who’s to blame???????? Life money or political leaders…. Oh I would love my ultersound guys. Because with out the basic human rights our charters display and never enforced. You will not get that vaccine. Yes it wounderfull. The world seeing Australia is not fair. Because Sophia aka hetti aka Theresa needs me to sigh off on it. But you know….. Destroy the good and beautiful to cover the evil……. Unless it’s a bikier Bandido.. then you want do a mid-day press conference……. you know where I am I never try to hide. I’m not the enemy for showing who the enemy’s are. And today a little girl lost her life and a sister lost her half. And a mother and father besides themselfs. And Scott uses the sorrow factor for economic gain. And a Qld premiere shuts it down by saying !!!oh it a terrible time for this family let’s not talk about it we would know how this mother would feel????? If she understood anything at bloodly all. A mother wouldn’t be holding one child with tears of thank goddness gradittute I hope I don’t lose you too little tiny one… and tears of holding one child to her heart in heart break. Over a CMO who didn’t ring the treating Mo. In a high risk situation. If Qld premiere if a Qld person was in a crash 5 mins on the border of NSw and Qld should they wait to get Flynn to Sydney. You will never understand ever what this mother and family and husband is feeling…………… Cause if you did this would never off happened. But don’t worry Qld Clive Palmer said when he sues the crap out of wa. And breaks the people there. And there no money for there hospital system .He said that he would donate 30 billion dollars to Qld premiere to sit on her backside a bit more. Wearing her red lipstick. Telling us all how she knows how a mother’s is feeling. On her watch. So go and get stuffed afp. oh by the way it’s so good not to hear Racheal and Alex and another rude women attacking dan on the media release s everyday. Thanks other jurno I get to meet others that might actually ask the questions we do need to hear and move on with……. Oh that Racheal… If you must know I crapped myself just as much as dan when one of the men went to stand up to her. He handle that takle well. No I haven’t wrote to him lately he as to have 2 days off as required by a nmo…. To rest. But parliament it a bit hard at the moment . My opions yes another 6 months. I belive he made the reasons why very clear. It’s to cover the law when outbreaks occurs and like this sounds bad as a example if you are positive you need the laws to help the person remain in home. To stop the spread. Like a criminal or mental health laws to detain untill clear well or rehabilitated. Look in a nursing home if you have a diaree outbreak you are to shut the home down report it to the state health put up sighn resirct movement montoner staff. ECT… Once the virus is negivate you go back to normal ok guys it no different to a wilder public health situation. And it’s working. Look what happen last time oh a week with no cases open up and party. Hopefully this time understand you need more time. As my evil side said . And I wonder why dan fights me over it…. Cause a part off me would do to teach you guys a lesson because you didn’t learn before… Dan Andrews throw the towle in and open everything up. Go on dan go on dan ….. Nicole one thing I have learnt. When a angel tells you to open up everything and throw the towle in !!!!!!!!! You do everything you can to listen to the commonsense she dose say. It will settle dan. Maybe just maybe I didn’t expect this bloody angel on my side I prayed for. She’s like the angel and devil on yo back.

When it is an emergency I thought it was the nearest hospital who could tend to the patients needs, even if that hospital is in Queensland, It is duty of care of a life who cares about border closures, I am sure measures could of been taken for everyone to be protected…

It is but one hospital asks a second one to accept a patient (transfer flight) they have to agree and organise flight / prepare for the arrival. It’s not a given depending on resources.
When our bub emergency birth in Lismore 2017 they sent us to Sydney (10 hours) not Brisbane (2 hours) because apparently QLD said no they did not have the capacity at that time. This happens a lot nothing to do with Covid. It’s a political beat up. Reality is that northern NSW need better facilities so that every person doesn’t need to fly somewhere else to get emergency care.

Don’t worry glitter mile think of all the schoolies I’m saving from the toolies. You know as the project said tonight. Resorts.. all those bikers can’t sell drugs and Bali out. I’m thinking off the golden mile darlings. John Ibrahim well I bet the golden mile cleaning up it s**ual condom act. And security guards the tiggers.well I know a lot about those vurrpt wink wink hears my phone number let you in or out protocalls. There cleaning up there acts as well. I don’t believe for a second. Those guys through security companies were you get your lines from don’t have a module for infection control training. Ask Tamara Davies SNP. Like nursing homes like jails like any work place even food industry. They all have basic out lines for infection control. Like gloves for blood spills face marks for stink bombs hand washing after you go to the toilet. The list gose on. It goevernment regulations in everything. So you know people are to blame to. You run a hotel. And you have to clean up a drunken spew. I bet ya know infection control gloves and masks then. All the blame yet all the laws. A army dude said. We fight overseas for the very thing we need to fight now in Australia for.we are at war with our selfs fractioning up are we any better then Sunni Muslim and Sunni Muslims killing each other over a word twisted to suit then the common word of togetherness. To keep our freedoms we must enforce our freedoms. And sometimes freedoms have to be contained for the freedoms to be able to be free again. It’s not easy everything about this virus is not easy. In good or bad. In people busting there a***s in good and getting due thanks or hurt by slap in the faces by people demanding more when not happy basic needs are meet. Or people busting everyone a***s iincluding there own by not being able to cover or deflect have no thanks and want to sue a state to break it because he thinks he’s above the very stance his own state is in. Clive what would you do with the money?? Donate it for doing a good clause like magna.. or Shaz. Some might not like the add but you know what???? It generated more advertising on awareness of the virus and people’s views then what dan could off thought. Personally if it’s not on it’s not on. Or I wouldn’t be pregnant and I wasn’t trying to not have it on…. Good on mag for being strong to handle backlash trolling which would hurt her regardless. On some comments. But her message definately didn’t go to watse. And she was offered 2$g for that deed. And you know like houseo…. wouldn’t that be funny that lot making a add for the virus Jim beam and and bong and 10 kids with 5 different dad’s or mums in a Victorian housing commision units . I don’t want to give dan ideas. But we laugh at that should I say ring social services right now. But yet go off when the very humour of shouldn’t be funny is out into a add that most off us Australian should be come on Muriel happy about. Or the castle what 1$ in the trading post for masks to keep us safe there not dreaming. By the box. And give them a dollar tip. So don’t worry John I haven’t forgotton Sydney. That premiere p***ed me off too untill ruby put her in her place and oh look. Hoyle security..and John’s fav. Gyms. All those bench presses. They might need Glen 20. Bo. My opions on protests. There are other ways. You going onto the streets go against your own fights for the life of who you are fighting for. By maybe taking a life away. Right now this is life as we know it.. and we all have to learn independence. Of being considerate to one another or the virus will win. It’s design to take out weekness in human kind.

Maybe some more accurate reporting needed.The mother was never denied access,there was never a request for an exemption .It clearly stated all emergency vehicles ambulances care flights do not need one and all emergency patients don’t need an exemption to cross the border.It was on the advice of the mothers Doctor in NSW that they went to Sydney not the QLD CMO or Premier . There is no suggestion that this delay was the cause of death either.Seems everyone wants to jump on this tragedy as a political point scoring over boarders.Seems this is how Australia on a whole is conducting itself.

Agreed when we ran into birthing problems in Lismore 2017 (pre Covid) doctor sent to Sydney (10 hours) not Brisbane (2 hours). Doctor told us they rang QLD but hospital rejected us (said they were too full).
Bottom line is northern NSW are short of a good neonate care facility.

Ok people’s let’s look up the web page. The library of Congress law. Ok the rights of childern. Under federal government. And check out states as well. However under Medicare and Australian public funded hospitals. I say Sammy Sam AUSTRALIA N funded our tax payers. Hospital s all childern and that means right to life with unborn childern. Dosent our abortion laws cover or medical office cover the gestation of a baby in the womb?? All childern have access to medical health. Regardless of what state they are in. Under the law it’s not Qld vs NSW hospital that give that right. All public funded Australian hospital must service and keep the health of a child. So in relation to this matter this mum and dad had the right to gain access to the nearest public funded australia n hospital for there babies. Look it up guys and fight for there rights. If over night abiringinal childern ten years have a overview of such matters why can not the rest of australin childern do so as well. We want boarders to open up for economic gain?? Yet 1 dr can make desions on her own with out ringing a treating dr to find out in-depth medical history. What I don’t get is any dr in the level of a CMO. Would know any twin pregnancy is high risk in any trimester. So I wonder about this dr medical knowledge off anything can she still do a wrist paluse????? Let alone have the brains to understand this women situation???? Human right hay guys can be wiped with a pen. Buy someone who should have real medical people doing the work in person to fine out the situation. It takes more then a mask. Oh look I’m having a heart attack. It’s ok mate just stop your heart for 10 hrs you be right. The planes comming. You have to go France ok our human rights charter commissions laws parliaments bla bla bla like the age care commission ( yes we were rung and told about st basels and we didn’t do anything because it was public health problem?? Now we relise we should of rung them communication!!! To make sure they knew!!!) actually do nothing and not worth the paper there written on. We are closing the boarders to protect our health right dose that mean we take away australian right to health. Like that women who couldn’t see her new born. If she had the virus wouldnt they had known in the hospital. Which she gave birth in. I know right if people fly from Sydney in a chopper to a nursing home in kemseys. And she could of got there in a different way. When mental health want to find you.. they call the cops to fine you and drive you back from Sydney. When they want to transferr you. Under health they will. It wasn’t C virus time. But get my gist. Childern have and should have more rights and mothers with child. In emergency you have to deal with people you don’t know what they might have. And ppe is used. Blood everywhere mask. No different. You would think a mother new born just given birth would be a very low risk of transmission. And she can still get tested. Fine line. I’m pretty the nurse’s would risk a mother given birth of getting C virus then a age person coming from a age care setting. I think it’s terrible so terrible. Do some homework people’s. The right for trade commerce free walkabout. Now look at the rights of childern. Today showed just who rights matter more….. GST. Every dr knows twin or multiple pregnancy a high risk. Dr of what. Listen to her voice compassion. Both of those women wouldn’t know how to incorporate the feelings. But hay Clive Palmer bring back that 30 billion hay. PLEASE EXPLAIN. ??????????????

Yes nurses wouldn’t want me on the floor. You have those paulse watches out. Dan send Racheal up there for question time with that Qld premiere. Watch that demonic showdown. And by the way children’s rights dosent mean that parents and children don’t need a Simpson Australian boot up the fanny now and then to make sure there rights are meet, yes I know I should be writing my frustrations out on rick and dan. But hay got all your attentions. I hope. Miss Nicole Kathleen Eather. A bloodly Aussie. Born and breed even tho some wouldn’t mind booty kicked out of Australia. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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Wow! Some of the comments here are just plain nasty!
I live in a town bordering NSW and there is no maternity at our hospital so women birthing have to go to the ACT or an extra hour to the nearest NSW hospital. Something to consider there especially when you’re the woman experiencing the pain of labour. Also, I work in maternity and labour can go from normal to an emergency in 5 minutes.
Also, to all the QLDers saying to stay out of your state, I saw 3 QLD numberplate on my way to work in Canberra just yesterday and Canberra has no cases either so pull your heads in!
This is the life of a baby we’re talking about and a mother and father who have lost their child due to some red tape BS. Have so empathy and tact ffs.

Lol what a f***ing moron. They have already said she never even applied for an exemption, just assumed she wouldnt get it cause thats what nsw staff told her. Ffs they let ambulances thru. This is on her and nsw health. Stop trying to blame everyone else

This was up to a discussion between doctors in two states. Name calling the victim who was likely in distress and pain at the time helps no one.

I agree , let’s get the full story . I have worked in QH and they have retrieval teams that go to Lismore to bring difficult pregnancies and sick newborns to our hospitals. The doctors liaise with the hospital to expedite these transfers. I’m sure , had we been asked , our staff would have gone down there and brought her back

Agreed Rae, I’m sure the QLD health professionals would have done the job if asked. Hospital administration stuffed it up somewhere. Need to get to the bottom of chain of command failure so it doesn’t happen again. An open and frank discussion between hospitals needs to occur.

Is this start of the breaking apart of Australia is a federation?

From the comments, it seems like – sounds like New Zealand would have given her more assistance than Queensland.

Even foreign countries accept patients requiring medical emergency especially pregnant women – She would have had more chance getting assistance from New Zealand than Queensland by the sounds of it.

By the comments on here – I feel like maybe Queensland should consider exiting the Federation of Australia and become their own country and see how you go on your own.

The Federation is looking very Shaky. None of the States are working well together (highlighted in this crisis). We should either rip up the States and have a single country or separate States into different countries. This business of half/halves is disfunctional.

I live in Northern NSW and I am disgusted by the comments from Queenslanders – not just on here but i also see the same sentiment on facebook too by people i thought were my friends.

I can’t beleive I am saying it but i hate Queenslanders – I have the same anti feeling towards them as foreigners at the moment.

The comments from Queenslanders are disgraceful – however not surprising.

Remember all – this is how we treat foreigners (refugees who come to Australian shores) we treat them with disdain, show zero compassion and demonize them – we justify it under the guise of threat of terrorism.

Queenslanders are simplifying displaying the same xenophobic attitudes except this time its not towards foreigners but interstate Australians.

This is is what xenophobic and racists attitudes bring

You know the door Marina!

Go back to where you came from – I am a proud Australian thank you very much and we don’t need your kind here

My heart goes out to the family – however the women was a risk as she resides in NSW which is full of Covid-19.

My wife is in a Queensland hospital giving birth and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable knowing a NSW resident were to be granted entry into our state — she may have very well spread the disease to other Queenslanders like my wife and newborn.

We need to protect the heath and economy of our people first – once the pandemic is over then we can once again welcome NSW residents or other Australian from other states.

At the moment Queenslanders do come first and as the Queensland Premier has rightly said Queensland Hospitals are for Queensland People!

What?? There are no active cases in Ballina. It’s not a hotspot. There are, in fact, many cases in Brisbane where the lady would have been going to. . Your logic doesn’t stack up at all.
The Premier should be sacked for her inhumane and incompassionate comments. We are AUSTRALIANS.

This Is unacceptable. the NSW government should be ashamed of themselves. Why could this lady not get emergency transport to a suitable NSW Hospital.. Why did she have to wait 16 hours for a flight of less than 2 hours