Ballot for Gold Coast’s $100 holiday vouchers opens today

The ballot for Gold Coast holiday dollars goes live today, with tens of thousands of people expected to put their name in the draw.

Only 30,000 vouchers are being made available, and the state government has advised it’s a matter of first in best dressed.

The successful applicants will then be notified by text after 72 hours if they’re to receive one of the $100 vouchers.


They can then be spent on accommodation, hospitality and tourism experiences on the Gold Coast over the winter period.

Destination Gold Coast CEO Patricia O’Callaghan’s told myGC last week that it will be a welcome injection into our tourism industry.

“This is a real turbocharge for our economy during winter, which is traditionally a softer period for travel,” Ms O’Callaghan said.

“We’ve seen this scheme be successful for other regions, we’ve heard from operators further north that it’s been a great way to incentivise travel.

“We know that our industry here, was worth $5.9 billion at our record highs in 2019, but we’ve taken a $3 billion hit, and we know our international visitors don’t exist at the moment.

There will be a chance for Gold Coasters to get a piece of the action as well, with a number of vouchers allocated for locals too.

“It is an acknowledgment that Gold Coasters have done their part to back the Gold Coast,” Ms O’Callaghan told myGC.

“There will be a number in there, so first in best dressed.”

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Strange how some have won up to ten vouchers each!
Its not rigged at all.

The voucher winners aren’t announced until June 16th, so pull your head in and stop spreading fake news.

strange as the page is not open yet

So it’s not actually a ballot, it’s a race!

So how do we get these vouchers – would have thought that maybe there could have been a link, or am I missing something!

I’m wondering the same. Where is the link

I am still looking for link to what is going on

the system has crashed already

We have to go into a ballot where NSW residents where given $100.00 vouchers. Cannot seem to find where to submit entry?

What is the link to enter or a Chook scam😆😆

Would love to know how you get the vouchers…. Guess the rich and famous will find out.

Anybody search for those mysterious half price flights offered by Jetstar. The only destinations you can fly to from the Gold Coast (if you can even find a flight for a reduced fee) are Melbourne and Adelaide. The two hottest covid spots in the country. There are no deals to fly anywhere else in Qld, forget Sydney, Darwin or Perth. Great offering to Gold Coasters to travel within their state!