Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion’s Sunday Night interview a ratings fizzer

UPDATE @ 1.30 PM | The much anticipated $150,000 interview with former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and his new partner Vikki Campion proved to be a ratings fizzer for Channel Seven’s Sunday Night.

According to OzTam, the hour-long “tell all” interview attracted just 613,000 viewers across the five major cities.

At the same time, Nine’s 60 Minutes drew a mere 429,000, while the ABC’s new Australian drama Mystery Road dominated the timeslot with 786,000 viewers.


Despite Barnaby’s exclusive interview failing to draw the crowds, Seven still won Sunday evening, with a 19.9% main channel share over Nine’s 19.7%.

They’ve got House Rules to thank for that, with the renovation program scoring their best night of the season with 882,000 metro viewers.

It beat Nine’s The Voice (816,000) and Ten’s MasterChef (781,000).

EARLIER @ 7.30 AM | THE much-anticipated $150,000 interview with former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and his new partner Vikki Campion has finally aired.

After months in hiding, the pair broke their silence in an exclusive interview with Alex Cullen on Sunday night.

During the chat, Barnaby admitted that he knew he would have to step down as Deputy PM the moment he found out Vikki was pregnant.

“I knew the day would come where I’d have to step down,” he said.

“To be quite frank, I couldn’t give a shit about the political ramifications, really.”

However, Mr Joyce condemned Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s public response to the couple’s affair.

“I never expected a gold star and I did not expect the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia to go and do a doorstop on it,” Mr Joyce said.

“That was wrong.”

The couple also revealed during the controversial interview that they were pressured into terminating the baby by “conservatives” within the National Party.

“They came to me and they said ‘You’re pregnant and you have to get an abortion’. And they said, ‘If you don’t, they’re gonna come after you’,” Ms Campion said.

“And I said, ‘it’s too late, it has a heartbeat.'”

Despite failing to clarify when their affair actually started, Mr Joyce and his former media adviser, Ms Campion, admitted their relationship evolved “organically”.

“I was close to him. I was going through some fairly difficult private circumstances of my own. He was also going through some things,” Ms Campion said.

“I’m really sorry but you can’t help, really, I couldn’t help it,” she said. “You can’t help who you fall in love with.”

The former Nationals leader admitted that despite everything, the birth of his son has made it all worth it.

“You just look at this two blue eyes staring up at the blue sky and staring back at you and you look at Sebastian and you think, ‘boy, you caused some problems, but it was all worth it'” he said.