Barnaby Joyce plays down talk of National Party leadership spill

Former leader Barnaby Joyce has played down speculation he will challenge Michael McCormack for leadership of the Nationals party.

It comes following growing speculation that there could be a National Party leadership spill as early as today.

But Mr Joyce shot down the rumours when questioned by Sunrise this morning, insisting he’s not gunning for his old job back.


“There’s no prospect of a spill at this point in time” he said.

“I think he [Michael McCormack] is doing the best job he can, he is a good bloke and has been working as hard as he can”.

However, Barnaby did admit that he believes the party “could do things differently”.

“There are times where I think we could do things differently no doubt, but that’s a decision for the party room,” he said.

“I’ve read articles this weekend which are so far ahead of the show, they’re entertaining, they’re just not correct.

“I’m not going to start delving into what is National party business, they can have that, they can make those discussions and decisions themselves.”

Barnaby unsuccessfully challenged Mr McCormack for the leadership in February 2020.

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