Barnaby Joyce sworn in as Nationals leader, Deputy PM

LATEST @ 8.30 AM | Barnaby Joyce is now officially the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and leader of the Nationals party.

The 54-year-old signed the oath of office at a swearing-in ceremony at Government House on Tuesday morning.

He was supported by his partner Vikki Campion and two young sons.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison watched on via video conference from The Lodge, where he remains in quarantine after recently returning from overseas.

Barnaby returns to the position three years after he resigned following harassment claims.

It comes after he toppled former Nationals leader Michael McCormack at a snap party room spill yesterday.

EARLIER @ 7.00 AM | Barnaby Joyce is just hours away from being sworn in as leader of the Nationals party and Deputy Prime Minister – for the second time.

It comes after the 54-year-old won a snap leadership spill against former Nationals leader Michael McCormack in Canberra yesterday.

Mr Joyce will take and sign the oath of office at a swearing-in ceremony at Government House this morning.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is still stuck in quarantine at The Lodge and will therefore attend via video conference.

The move comes three years after Barnaby Joyce resigned as Nationals leader and Deputy PM after sustained pressure over his relationship with a former staffer.

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan, who moved the spill motion during yesterday’s party room meeting, said he believes Barnaby is the perfect person to lead the party.

“He may not look it, but he is still a young, spring chicken,” he told TODAY.

“This game takes a bit of a toll on you physically and what have you, but he hasn’t been in politics all that long in the scheme of things.

“I do think what this country needs is experienced leaders. You know, Barnaby was elected only in the mid-thousand, not — mid-2000s.

“He is is part of a great team in the National Party but we have a very loud voice leading us now and can only mean good things for the people we represent out in the bush, but all Australians who want to see this country put first, want to see our industries and jobs come back to Australia. Barnaby will be a voice for them.”

David Littleproud will remain on as deputy leader of the party.

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