Barriers will cordon off Gold Coast beach due to falling rock risks

Council has announced that exclusion zones will need to be set up at the southern end of Miami beach, due to some recently identified risks from falling rocks.

Geo-technical engineers reportedly identified the risks last week, following site investigations and risk assessment as part of the Don MacSween slope stabilisation project.

A 520 square metre section of beach under the Mick Schamburg lookout – near the rainbow stairs – will be cordoned off from tomorrow morning, to ensure the safety of beach goers.


Temporary barriers are already in place in Don MacSween park along with warning signs, though there are currently no barriers or signage in place under the lookout.

Once installed, the temporary barriers will be in place until work on a permanent solution can be completed later this year.

Divisional Councillor Pauline Young says the risk has been identified, though Council is now waiting on the availability of the barriers before an exclusion zone can be set up.

“At this stage, the barriers aren’t up.

“When the barriers are up, we would encourage people to stay out side of that exclusion zone until we’ve decided how we’re best going to treat the rock face,” Cr Young said.

For more information about the slope stabilisation project, click here.