Batch of Chlorofluor Gel recalled due to bacterical contamination

The Department of Health has issued a recall of oral hygiene product Chlorofluor Gel.

“Consumers and health professionals are advised that Professional Dentist Supplies, in consultation with the TGA, will be recalling batch number BK 119 of Chlorofluor Gel (all bottle sizes) due to bacterial contamination,” a statement on the Australian Governments Department of Health website reads.

Chlorofluor Gel is an oral hygiene product containing chlorhexidine. It can be purchased over-the-counter at chemists and is used in private settings, as well as in hospitals.


The recall comes following an infection outbreak in South Australia’s Royal Adelaide Hospital.

“Investigations are ongoing but have included testing of unopened bottles of Chlorofluor Gel from the same batch that was used in the treatment of the affected patients,” the statement reads.

Consumers who have purchased Chlorofluor Gel have been advised to check the batch number located on the label. If it is from batch number BK 119, stop using it immediately.

The Department of Health says further information regarding the recall, including instructions for what to do with the product, will be provided as soon as it is available.