Battle of the Brawn: The Bachelorette Episode 2 recap

*Warning: This post contains humour and the occasional swear word*

As Georgia continues her quest for love, it appears obvious we have a whole lotta beefcake on our hands this season.

Gold Coast lad Jake got the first single date with the Bachelorette, and they head out for an adrenaline packed adventure in a cable car over the Blue Mountains.


But if that’s not enough, Georgia confesses she’s an adrenaline junkie and poor Jake shits his nick-nicks as they descend 100 metres down into the forest below.

It was all worth it in the end as the pair clicked and the big fella scored the first snog of the season *hurrah* and a rose, keeping him safe from elimination.

Back to the man mansion where the beefcakes are presented with a Group Date Card by Osher’s hair .

The lads head out for a Mills & Boon inspired outback photoshoot with Bach-ette and the fun begins.

The gloves are on for models Rhys and “I’ve only modeled for Aldi and Big W” Sam.

Let’s face it, Rhys’ rig was better than expected – like Harry Potter on steroids – and Sam’s body visited the nation in sweet dreams last night (or was that just me?)

Clancy the resident ranga – was grouped with the models – and hung in there like a dag on a sheep’s bum.

With the Group Date shenanigans over, it was time for the cocktail party and Rose Ceremony. But with so many no-names left for Georgia to boot, it was anyone’s game.

But Ben’s come-down hit him like a semi-trailer, when the poor bugger was left glassy-eyed on the podium after not receiving a rose.

Let’s hope his nervous shits had subsided from the night before so he could enjoy the limo ride home and be ‘little spoon’ to his pet huskies.

Till next week….