Bauer Media to appeal Rebel Wilson’s $4.5 million defamation payment

Rebel Wilson’s battle with the publisher of Woman’s Day magazine isn’t over, with Bauer Media to appeal the Victorian Supreme Court decision.

Bauer Media was ordered to pay a record $4.5 million in damages to Ms Wilson for a series of eight articles in May 2015 which painted her as a serial liar.

The articles also accused her of lying about her age, real name and childhood.


In September, after a lengthy battle in court, Justice John Dixon awarded the comedy star $650,000 in general damages and $3.9 million in special damages.

However, Bauer Media confirmed today they’re planning to appeal the amount they’ve been ordered to pay.

“It’s important for us to revisit this unprecedented decision on the quantum of damages, which also has broad implications for the media industry,” Bauer Media general counsel Adrian Goss said in a statement.

Previously, Ms Wilson’s lawyer had said the win was a significant record and was about four times the previous highest amount awarded in an Australian defamation case.