Be aware of Permit to Light a Fire system

FIREFIGHTERS are reminding landowners to educate themselves on the Permit to Light a Fire system and make contact with their local Fire Wardens when wanting to burn fuel loads on their property.

Rural Fire Service Queensland (RFSQ) South Eastern Regional Manager Tony Johnstone said landholders wanting to light a fire in the open may require a permit.

“The Permit to Light a Fire system is enforced by QFES to ensure burns are conducted at an appropriate time of the year, are suitably managed and emergency services are notified,” he said.


“Permits are required at all times for a fire which is bigger than two metres in any direction. They are free and can be obtained from your local Fire Warden.

“They come with clear guidelines on when you can light the fire and what precautions will need to be taken, including the provision of informing neighbours of planned burns. This also reduces the likelihood of unnecessary calls to emergency services.

“Tough penalties apply for people who light fires without a permit.”

Mr Johnstone said although bushfire season was already underway, landholders could still safely burn fuel loads in the right conditions.

“Remember: if you own the fuel, you own the fire,” Mr Johnstone said.

“We would still encourage landholders to safely reduce their fuel loads by conducting hazard reduction burns but these must be done in close consultation with local Fire Wardens who understand the conditions.

“Weather conditions are changing and are not always favourable for hazard reduction activities but we encourage landowners to consider what steps they should be taking to reduce their risk.”

To locate your local Fire Warden access the Fire Warden Finder tool on the Rural Fire Service website or contact your local Area Office. Details are available at