Beaches closed after shark attack in northern NSW

UPDATE: NSW Police have confirmed that the man who was attacked by a shark on the state’s North Coast is a 52-year-old Evans Heads local.

Officers have been told that the man was one of two people surfing around 100 metres off shore from Main Beach, Evans Head, early this morning.

Around 6am, the 52-year-old man spotted what he believed to be a shark and shouted out to the other surfer – also a man – to get out of the water.


According to initial reports, as he paddled towards shore, the 52-year-old was attacked by the shark which bit his left leg. The impact of the attack knocked the man off his board.

The man punched the shark in an attempt to scare it away; during the struggle, the shark also bit his left arm.

The man eventually made it to shore where a passer-by applied a tourniquet to his leg.

Emergency Services were called to the location around 6.20am and the man was placed in an ambulance. Two paramedics worked to stabilise the patient while a police officer began the drive to Lismore Hospital.

A short time later, a NSW Ambulance vehicle with a doctor and paramedic on board met the ambulance. The doctor and two paramedics worked on the patient while the third paramedic drove them to Lismore Hospital.

The police officer drove the empty vehicle the doctor had arrived in back to its base in Lismore.

The 52-year-old man is now at Lismore Hospital undergoing treatment.

Main Beach and two other local beaches – Shark Bay and Chinamans Beach – have all been closed until 6.30am tomorrow. The situation will be re-assessed tomorrow morning.