Beau Ryan cops criticism for posting first snap with wife Kara since cheating allegations surfaced

Beau Ryan has copped a whole lot of criticism after he posted a photo of him and wife Kara Orrell on social media.

The photo is the first the former NRL star has posted with Kara since allegations surfaced that he cheated on her with ex Hi-5 member Lauren Brant back in July.

In the photo which was posted on social media, the shirtless 30-year-old Footy Show star is cuddled up to a bikini-clad Kara.


Beau used the caption to send a message out to all of his haters:: ‘You have to fight through some hard days, to earn the best days of your life’. He also tagged his wife in the pic and used the hashtag #StopInstagramBullying.

“You have to fight through some hard days, to earn the best days of your life” ❤️ @whoseempire #StopInstagramBullying

A photo posted by Beau Ryan Kara (@beauryanandkara) on

The caption didn’t stop the haters from hating though, with one follower calling Beau a “grub”, while others said Kara “looks hurt” and “doesn’t look happy at all”.

Kara also took to social media to post a snap of her own, this time a photo of the pair’s daughter Remi playing on the sand.

She shared a very similar message to her husband in the caption, posting: ‘Your own Self worth does not come from others Opinions on what they perceive is the Right or Wrong thing to Be or Do , They say “Someone who does not need Validation from anyone is the most feared” and this is my favourite quote !! Everyone has the right to live their life as they wish, life is not Perfect but it sure has perfect moments ❤️ #Live #Learn #Love #PerfectMoments #NotPerfectLives #nohaters #NoBullying #StopInstagramBullying’.