Beau Ryan may be planning a move to the US to escape backlash over affair with Lauren Brant

Instead of coming back to Australia to face the scrutiny surrounding his affair with former Hi-5 member Lauren Brant, Beau Ryan is reportedly escaping to the US.

New Idea reports the The Footy Show star has been in talks with his buddy Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to help launch his acting career over there.

Beau’s wife Kara and three year-old daughter Remi are also reportedly set to make the move stateside.


A source told the magazine: ‘With details of his affair coming out, he feels it’s the best time to escape the backlash and head to America to make a fresh start with his family.’

‘[Beau and Dwayne] have talked a lot about Beau and his acting dreams. They promised to keep in touch and now he is scrambling for any sort of help he can get.’

Last week Woman’s Day broke the news that Beau and Lauren had allegedly slept together twice while they were involved in the Sydney production of Aladdin And His Wondrous Lamp in July.