Bedazzle your beard this Christmas!

FROM BEARD baubles to robins’ nests, icicles and candy canes… Christmassy facial hair is becoming a festive trend.

A London advertising agency has been selling beard baubles – for the man wanting to add an extra festive touch to his chin fuzz.

The company claims that the Yuletide facial hair accessory – which retails for £5.00 ($7.80) a packet – has been flying off shelves, with customers from as far as Australia placing orders.


Each pack contains 14 multicoloured baubles to attach to the bristles – ten large balls and four small ones.

Photo: News Dog Media

Photo: News Dog Media

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a group of men from the capital have gone one better – turning their facial fuzz into festive works of art.

The four males have paid as much attention to decorating their chin bristles as they would their Christmas tree, attaching anything from robin’s nests, to fake icicles and candy canes.

Visual artist Katya Wildman spent six hours creating the designs.

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