Bede Durbidge celebrates getting back on his surf board

It’s been about six months since surfer Bede Durbidge was carried off the beach following a wipe-out at the Pipeline Masters in December, but he’s finally back on the board.

The North Stradbroke local, 33, has taken to social media today to celebrate the milestone.

“After being out of action for nearly 6 months, I’m back surfing again… Well standing up and cruising along, which I’m so grateful for,” Durbidge posted on Facebook.


The former Australian Male Surfer of the Year had metal screws and plates inserted into his pelvis and was wheelchair-bound for a few months following the December accident.

“This 7’6 single fin [pictured below] will be my board for the next few weeks then I’ll progress to something smaller.

“I can’t thank everyone enough that has helped me get back to where I am today. My wife, daughter, family, friends, sponsors, medical team, Wsl, tour mates and all you people that have followed my recovery journey.

“Thanks for all amazing supportive messages along the way.I’m so grateful to be able to surf again and I’ll never take another surf for granted.”