Beer Yoga is about to launch on the Gold Coast

OH hello innovation, hello balance, hello… BEER YOGA.

YES it’s finally here! An excuse to get your beer drinking friends into yoga, and your dedicated yogies into drinking beer.

Combine them together – BOOM.


And it’s on, the Gold Coast, this, month.

After a successful launch in Brisbane, a local Gold Coast yoga studio is now starting the beer-yoga craze.

‘BSKT Yoga’ in Nobby’s is where you’ll be headed, for the first event on July 18.

BSKT is already the trendiest spot to practise your downward dog, and with a beer in hand (or beside you if you can’t master the balance), they’re kicking it up a level. A blood-alcohol level, am I right?

All jokes aside, organiser Chantelise says she’s endeavouring to introduce more people to the stretchy sport.

“This class is for the average Joe who may have been interested in trying yoga but finds it too daunting to visit a studio,” the event description reads.

You do have to register (and pay, but like, yeah TAKE my money), so click here to do so or if you need more information.

Namaste and cheers!