Beloved Frenchie allegedly dognapped from Gold Coast backyard

A Gold Coast couple have been left distraught after their beloved Fawn French Bulldog was allegedly stolen in a suspected brazen daylight dognapping.

Two-year-old Theo, who is a member of Dogs Qld, is believed to have been released from the back gate of the family’s Carrara home sometime between 12.30pm and 3.30pm on Wednesday 31 October.

It’s understood a neighbour saw an unknown man chasing the pup down the street, however didn’t realise who the dog belonged to until he received a missing pet flyer in his letter box.


Theo’s doting parents Kimberly and Shannon have been beside themselves ever since his disappearance, desperately taking to social media and the streets with missing posters in an attempt to get their “baby” back.

“All I can think about is where my baby is and if he’s okay and being looked after… I know he’s scared,” Kimberly told myGC.

“Theo is the human child my partner and I didn’t have! We got him from a beautiful breeder to raise as our beloved son and he is our absolute baby.”

“Our home is absolutely empty without him.”

Kimberly said it’s unlikely Theo would have just run away as he’s a “total mamas boy”.

“Our other two dogs have gotten out before but never Theo, and they have always returned,” she said.

“Theo never strays far from us, we take him to the beach regularly and he always stops to wait for us and makes sure he knows exactly where we are.”

Gold Coast police have been notified of the incident and anyone with information on Theo’s whereabouts is being urged to come forward.

“We just want our boy back home, where he belongs,” Kimberly begged.

Unfortunately, French Bulldogs have become a target for thieves in recent months, with the ‘designer dogs’ often on-sold for a hefty price tag.

Pet owners are being urged to keep a close eye on their pups and to not leave them unattended outside if possible.