Bennett faces Bellamy challenge for Broncos top job

Rugby League supercoach Wayne Bennett is planning to fight for his role as Broncos coach beyond 2019, as the club considers appointing Craig Bellamy.

Bennett addressed speculation that Brisbane had approached Melbourne’s coach Craig Bellamy about taking over as head coach.

He confirmed Broncos bosses had spoken to Bellamy.


The 68-year-old said he was the person who suggested the Broncos speak to Bellamy about the role.

News Corp reports the biggest club in Queensland is preparing a four-year deal worth more than $5 million for Bellamy.

Bennett’s contract at Red Hill finishes in 2019 and said he’s considering staying at the club beyond that, health permitting.

“I’d prefer to stay at the Broncos (rather than move to another club), I know the system, I know the people I know how it all works,” he said.

“I’ve already had a couple of offers (from different clubs), the door hasn’t completely closed on me. But, I want to stay here.”

Bellamy was mentored by Bennett at the Broncos before starting his dynasty with the Melbourne Storm.

Broncos CEO Paul White said there’s no bad blood between Bennett and Bellamy and that Wayne suggested the club speak to the Melbourne coach.

“Wayne encouraged me to meet with Craig, and at the moment there are no negotiations happening because Craig has an offer from Melbourne – which he is considering,” he said.

The media maelstrom has happened on the eve of Bennett coaching his 800th game in the NRL when the Broncos take on Parramatta on Thursday.